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Your needs

  • Protect your above-ground or in-ground pool as well as your spa or sauna;

  • Insure your collections, your jewelry as well as your works of art;

  • Insure your boat and all other recreational vehicles;

  • Protect yourself against water damage and sewer backflow;

  • Equip your property with an alarm system connected to a monitoring center;

  • Get advice from a lawyer for a contract, an estate, a civil union or common-law partners, etc;

  • Protect yourself in case of identity theft and similar crimes.

Get a home insurance quote based on your needs



Your needs

  • Protect your new car or your existing vehicule  against devaluation;

  • Eliminate unexpected spending in  case of theft, vandalism or accident responsibility;

  • Avoid an increase of premiums due to accident responsibility;

  • Enjoy increased protection when traveling often, whether for a business trip or pleasure;

  • We offer you access to roadside assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.


You are 25 years old or less? Rolland Gagné Insurance & Associates understand your needs and that is why we offer you advantages and cost reduction opportunities.

Criminal record. You have lost your driving license.
Rolland Gagné Assurance is here to help you.



The measure protection also comes with customized benefits for all your recreational vehicles.

​Each driver is different:
We propose protection measured according to your reality and needs.


  • Motorcycle Insurance

  • Snowmobile Insurance

  • All-terrain vehicle Insurance

  • Recreational vehicle Insurance



Your needs

  • Protect your new or existing motorcycle against depreciation;

  • Eliminate unforeseen expenses. In case of theft, vandalism or accident responsibility;

  • Avoid an increase in premiums caused by accident responsibility;

  • Enjoy the protection offered during your travels.

Rolland Gagné Issurance protection gives you access to excellent service and troubleshooting 24 hours on 24.

Are you under 25? We understand your reality and that's why we offer you benefits and discounts.



Do not leave without a travel insurance, it is very important. For your peace of mind, your family, do not hesitate to consult Rolland Gagné Insurance.

You want to make a short trip (ex : Vermont, Maine, NY ...) or for extended trips  outside Quebec? Rolland Gagné Insurance will help you protect you and your loved ones. We will guide you so you get the necessary coverage for accidents, repatriation or if you need to cancel or interrupt your trip because of illness or family mortality.

Hospital and medical care abroad can cost a fortune. Be informed! Do not risk all your savings.

We will enlighten you on exclusions included in most of the contracts.

For example: Did you know that the costs incurred by a pregnancy and its complications in the 12 weeks preceding the expected date of childbirth are not refundable?

Do you know that the simple fact of having had recourse to a doctor and have undergone a medical treatment or simply to have a change of medical prescription in the 90 days preceding the date of your departure; several travel insurance policies could be denied?

Being well insured allows you to leave with peace of mind and reassured!

FOR AN EXCELLENT VACATION OR TRIP, get a quote by contacting Rolland Gagné Insurance

Criminal record ? You have lost your driving license ? Rolland Gagné Assurance is here to help you.
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